If You Don’t They Will has over two decades of experience designing and facilitating workshops for a wide variety of publics, institutions, and community groups. Each workshop is designed to support the specific needs and contexts of different communities organizing to say “no. NOT EVER.” to white nationalism in their own ways.

Over the last two decades, If You Don’t They Will has collaborated with, helped shape space for, and supported the development of various kinds of no. NOT EVER’s. We have worked with many different communities including clubs, bars, and music venues, academic and public librarians, faith communities, educators, mental health therapists, students and student organizations, artist collectives and galleries, bookstores, labor unions, grassroots human rights, environmentalists, and anti-racist groups and more.

All workshops center cultural organizing and provide a critical framework for understanding the history and rise of white nationalism in the current moment. Participants will practice identifying, interrupting, and challenging commonly held myths about white nationalism, and learn about current efforts to mainstream. Each training is designed for the needs and focus of the particular group and includes interactive and participatory exercises designed to support communities developing their own cultural organizing practices and creative ways to say “no. NOT EVER.” to white nationalism.

Want to host a workshop?

We offer trainings for groups as small as 5-7 people and as large as a few hundred.

Each workshop includes an interactive portion where participants have an opportunity to develop strategies to say “no. NOT EVER.” to white nationalism in their own creative and particular ways. We collaborate with people coordinating the training to create scenarios based on the needs of the community and our experience.

In terms of venue and technology needs, we ask hosts to provide a computer to project our presentation (with audio, video, and internet access) and some kind of surface to write on. We also request that groups print If You Don’t They Will handouts for workshop participants.

If You Don’t They Will strives to make workshops as accessible as possible so that folks with varying abilities can participate and fully engage. We have captioning for screen readers, large font printed information upon request, and we are mindful of chemical sensitivities and refrain from strong fragrances. Please let us know if there is anything we should be aware of and prepare for in advance to meet accessibility needs of workshop participants.